Strategic Consulting

PragmatiQ is a consulting firm dedicated to strategic consulting. Companies with a good offering but in need of making decisions in order to boost their business and continue growing in an increasingly competitive and changing environment. 


In every process involving change, the support received both internally as well as from the outside is very critical. Environments are under constant development and the uncertainty makes internal evaluation and external, neutral,  advise necessary in order to minimize risk when making  final decisions.


Our mission is to collaborate with companies seeking change. We take an active part in the strategic processes that are crucial in achieving very ambitious targets. We assist in reaching a steady and lasting growth focused on building real value. We give our customers the opportunity and tools to focus on their core business and the development of their companies.


Our vision is to be recognized as a reference in the market with outstanding results obtained thanks to a tailor-made analysis of each individual company in combination with a dedicated focus on each individual customer.